Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Chevron stops production in Niger Delta due to sabotaged pipeline

The Niger Delta Liberation Force has claimed responsibility for sabotaging one of Chevron's pipelines, which has let the company to suspend production. The US energy major said it was investigating the damage to its Dibi-Abiteye pipeline, in the Niger Delta, which transports the Escravos oil stream.

A statement released by Chevron said: "The breach is being investigated and we are reviewing our operations." The Niger Delta Liberation Force, led by the mysterious John Togo, said they were responsible for the attack in a statement released on Saturday 18th December.

The group demanded the withdrawal of army forces from the Ayokomor community, where the military recently raided suspected militant camps in pursuit of Togo. The operation resulted in six civilian and eight army officer deaths.

Several local human rights groups have said that the armed forces targeted civilians and burned down homes during an outbreak of violence. But the army has countered the accusation by saying that it followed Togo's supporters when they opened fire.

Speaking about the fires, Nigeria's Army Chief of Staff Onyeabo Ihejirika said that President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the army to rebuild homes that were destroyed in the attack and that the army had every intention to do so.

Sources: UPI, Vanguard, Bloomberg Business Week,

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