Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Petrobras discovers new crude deposit in the Amazon

Petrobras has discovered a new crude deposit in the Amazon region, where it is currently developing large natural gas reserves. The new discovery was confirmed after extensive tests in the town of Tefe, approximately 630km from the city of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon.

The crude deposit is located 32km from the Urucu oil province, where Petrobras is in the process of developing three natural gas deposits that supply Manaus. According to the company, the new discovery is high-quality light oil with an American Petroleum Institute gravity of 46 degrees.

Despite the fact that the exploratory well's capacity of 2,500 b/d is comparatively small, Petrobras is optimistic and said that the well test was “excellent considering that type of basin”.

In an official statement released shortly after the new discovery, Petrobras said that it will conduct more seismic studies and test drills to determine the size of the Amazon deposit and assess its commercial viability.

Source: Sinchew

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