Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Yemen put $100,000 reward on al-Qa'ida terrorists

Yemen's Interior Ministry has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any one of the eight Al-Qa'ida suspects on its list. The ministry promised a reward to anyone providing information leading to the capture of the "terrorist extremists."

The ministry's list of identified al-Qa'ida terrorists includes, Amin Abdullah Abdul Rahman al-Othmani, Bashir Mohammed Ahmed al-Hlaisi, Showqi Ali Ahmed al-Baadani, Abdul Elah Ali Qasem al-Mesbahi, Abdul Hamid Ahmed Mohammed al-Hubaishi, Mohammed Ali Abdullah al-Nashri, Musleh Abdullah Ahmed al-Hlaisi and Yusef Ahmed Muthana Zayud.

It told state owned news agency Saba that the men were wanted by the authorities and that they had been recruited by militants "obsessed with murder and destruction."

Yemen, homeland to al-Qa'ida's leader Osama bin Laden, is increasingly under threat from the local branch of the jihadist network.

Source: AfricaAsia

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