Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Qadhafi says African nations should form a one-million-strong army

Libyan leader Colonel Mu'ammar Qadhafi has said that African nations should join forces and form a one-million-strong army to protect the continent from the likes of NATO and China.

Qadhafi has great influence on the continent, but his ambition to build a united states of Africa is not shared by other countries in the region. Speaking to the press in Senegal Qadhafi said, "National militaries alone cannot save countries. Africa should have one army with one million soldiers." According to the Libyan Leader joining forces would “guard the borders and seas, protect Africa's independence and confront NATO, China, France and Britain and other countries.”

Speaking at the World Festival of Black Arts and Cultures, in Dakar, Qadhafi accosted opponents to his proposal for a more unified African government. He suggested that those who disagree, “should leave home, abandon their countries and go and live in the capitals of the capitalist, imperialist countries which once occupied Africa."

Qadhafi has been pushing for a more united Africa for years, saying it would allow the continent to develop without Western interference. While his ideas have gained sympathies with certain African countries and leaders, others have been more reluctant to agree to cede sovereignty.

Source: Reuters

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