Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Saif al-Islam withdrawal from political life

The difficulties faced by Saif al-Islam Qadhafi in the battle to be the principal nominee to succeed the Leader remain acute. His political position is made complex because he has been selected by his father but not in any definite and continuing way. Saif al-Islam is also currently making all signs of cutting his connections with the existing groups and individuals who form the radical part of Colonel Qadhafi's entourage.

Saif al-Islam's withdrawal from political life, for the second time, is signalled by his decision to de-politicise the management of the Qadhafi family trusts and to continue charitable operations only in sub-Saharan Africa and thereby no longer fulfilling an international role of importance.

His loss of control over newspapers and websites through which he formerly elaborated his political connections has rendered him toothless. His opponents have been adept in manipulating the existing political system against him and, in a clean sweep of his media enterprises, have divested him of his principal access to political influence outside the regime.

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