Monday, 13 December 2010

BP delays plans to drill in offshore Libya

BP has postponed its plans to drill offshore Libya until next year, saying its decision not to use the original drill rig was due to “operational reasons”. The company's spokesman said it was changing the rig and added that, “Current plans are to begin drilling onshore and offshore in 2011.”

A Libyan official had previously said that BP was expected to begin drilling last month. BP plans to drill at least five wells in the Gulf of Sirte, at depths greater than the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company will change rigs from the one owned by Noble Corporation to a new one, presently in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, which is owned by Pride International.

"We've been using what we learnt in the Gulf of Mexico to ensure operations are safe and sometimes delays can happen," said a statement released by BP.

In September, Nobel said it initiated arbitration proceeding in connection with the Homer Ferrington rig, which was the rig originally planned to be used by BP. Nobel said that filing the proceedings was a consequence of a "dispute with our customer."

Source: Dow Jones

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