Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Iran and the UN Security Council resume talks

Iran and the UN Security Council have begun a second day of discussions over Tehran's nuclear programme. The first day of talks, which lasted almost 10 hours, was described by an Iranian official as “constructive” and “forward moving”.

On Sunday, ahead of the talks, Iran said it has delivered its first home produced raw uranium and added that it would go in to the discussions with “strength and power”. The international community fears that Tehran's nuclear programme may be geared for production of nuclear weapons, but Iran insists that its nuclear activities are purely peaceful.

Reuter's quoted an unnamed source as saying that Tuesday's talks between Iran and the UN would, “fix the framework for future discussions during which we could talk about nuclear disarmament and about co-operation in the civil nuclear domain. The [nuclear] right of Iran will not be discussed. If we agree on a framework, we could have several sessions of negotiations".

The UN Security Council has said that until Iran's nuclear activities are clearly established as peaceful, the Islamic republic should suspend its enrichment activities. Experts say that the best outcome of the discussions would result in the two sides agreeing to hold further meetings.

Source: BBC News

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