Thursday, 5 August 2010

Russia and Belarus to invest $1 billion in Ghana

A delegation of Russian and Belarus businessmen have paid a visit to the Ghanaian Vice President John Dramani Mahama to discuss the possibility of investing $1 billion in to the country's fledgling oil and gas industry, as well as other areas including fertilizer production, security and safety services and heavy duty machinery.

"We want to be part of Ghan a's success story...We shall be ready to invest in the areas of trade, industry and agriculture," said, leader of the delegation, Tkachuk Anatoly.

Anatoly said that all the projects would be initiated under different investment arrangements in partnership with the Ghanaian government, and would generate employment for the Ghanaian people.

Vice President Mahama called for closer collaboration between Russia and Ghana and said that Ghana would benifit from Russian investors. The Vice President also sait that he hopes that Russian businesses will support their Ghanaian counterparts in developing Ghana's transport, education and agriculture sectors.

Source: African Manager

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