Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ghana buys German naval S143 fast-attack vessels

The Ghanaian Parliament has signed a US$37.86 million (GH¢53.63 million) loan agreement with Fr Lurssen Werft GMBH & Co for the purchase and refurbishment of two 25-year-old German naval S143 fast-attack vessels.

However, a report in the Statesman newspaper suggests that the government has overpaid. According to their investigations, six decommissioned S143 vessels of exactly the same age were sold to Tunisia in 2005 for US$5 million (GH¢7.08 million) per vessel, including supply of equipment, inventory and spares, crew training and ship transportation.

“While Ghana is paying nearly US$38 million (GH¢53.83 million) for two vessels, the Tunisians, who bought theirs when the ships were just out of service, paid US$8 million (GH¢11.33 million) less for six of the same vessels”, the report claims.

Parliament has also approved an amount of US$50 million (GH¢70.83 million) to re-equip the army and air force, and a further US$50 million (GH¢70.83 million) to improve army barracks.

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