Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Max Petroleum announces positive results for ZMA-A15 development well in Zhana Makat field, Kazakhstan

Max Petroleum has said that the ZMA-A15 development well in the Zhana Makat field, Kazakhstan, has reached total depth of 1,525 mt, with about 30 mt of net oil pay, including two Jurassic sandstone reservoirs with 12 mt of net oil pay at depths ranging between 780 and 829 mt, as well as two Triassic sandstone reservoirs with 18 mt of net oil pay with vertical depths ranging between 1,277 and 1,331 mt.

The well's key objective was the J-IIb Jurassic reservoir, with secondary exploratory objective in the Triassic. The J-IIb reservoir is well developed, while the Triassic reservoirs are productive in the adjacent Makat Field, wells have only produced from the Jurassic and Neocomian intervals in Zhana Makat. A successful production test in the Triassic would potentially represent a new discovery and extension of the Zhana Makat field.

Max Petroleum is running production casing in the well; the Sun ZJ-30 drilling rig will move on to drill the KAW-1 exploration well on the Karsak West prospect in Block E thereafter.

“Finding new Triassic potential in the Zhana Makat Field reflects the application of learnings from the Company's ongoing post-salt exploration programme in Blocks A&E. Our technical team moved the original location of the ZMA-A15 well to evaluate the Field's Triassic potential in response to our earlier Triassic discovery in the Borkyldakty Field, as well as our revised estimate of the Triassic potential in our upcoming Karsak West prospect that we expect to begin drilling by the end of August,” said, the company's CFO, Michael B. Young.

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