Thursday, 12 August 2010

Egypt discovers 17 tunnels in to Gaza

According to a number of in-country reports the Egyptian security forces have discovered 17 secret tunnels between Gaza Strip and Egypt during a security campaign undertaken earlier this week. The tunnels were dormant upon discovery, but show evidence of use.

A number of sources have said that 15 out of the 17 tunnels are used to smuggle construction materials such as cement and steel, food provisions and weapons. In the past the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza were under attack by Israelis and Egyptians in an effort to curtain 'tunnelling' activity. The Israelis tried to flood the tunnels with water and gas while Egypt tried to obstruct access with heavy-duty steel blockades.

Gazans have used the tunnels to smuggle food provisions in to Gaza Strip since 2006. Now, the tunnels are used to smuggle construction materials, rifles and other necessities prohibited by Israel.

Source: The Palestine Telegraph

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