Monday, 25 October 2010

US accused of appeasement towards Algeria

An article written by Hassan Masiky and published this week by the Morocco Board, the main portal for Moroccan Americans which often plays a significant role in feeding directly into the Moroccan media and hence public/national opinion, has touched a raw nerve in both the US and Algeria by suggesting that the US has been adopting “a policy of appeasement” towards Algeria.

Masiky questions Algeria's “commitment to eradicate terrorism and violence in the Sahel and Sahara regions.” In particular, he has seized upon the open criticisms of Algeria's policy in the Sahel by both Mauritania and Mali, which, as Menas has frequently reported, touch on the extent to which AQIM was created by Algeria's DRS and is now orchestrated by it. For instance, two weeks ago (P&S 08.10.10), a senior Mauritanian government minister accused Algeria of being the 'porte-parole' (spokesman) for AQIM.

The fact that America has been so silent over Algeria's 'AQIM involvement' has led to this latest accusation that Washington is 'appeasing' Algeria's activities in the region. We believe the accusation is, in fact, very close to the truth. Presenting Morocco with such strong propaganda material makes the US position in the region increasingly difficult, especially in terms of US-Moroccan relations. Such articles are able to give the impression that because the US is condoning Algeria's 'state terrorism' in the Sahara-Sahel, it is also backing Algeria's position on issues such as the Western Sahara, which are much closer and dearer to Morocco's heart.

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