Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Iran's non-oil exports up by 20 per cent

Head of Iran's Trade Development Organisation Babak Afghahi has said that Iran's non-oil exports have risen 20 per cent above the forecast level in the first half of the Persian calendar year.

"Iran's non-oil exports have grown 30 per cent in the first half of the current [Persian calendar] year (March-September 2010)," said Afghahi. The target for this time period had been set at 10 per cent. The value of Iran's non-oil exports in 2010 now stands at $14.4 billion.

Speaking at a conference in the country's capita, Tehran, Afghahi said that Iran's exports of pistachio, carpet, mineral products and technical and engineering services have grown by 100, 44, 150 and 75 percent respectively.

The figures come while the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank forecast the exports growths of 8.2 per cent for developed countries and 10.5 per cent for developing nations.

Source: Press TV

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