Monday, 4 October 2010

Al-Tagammu to compete in November elections

Egypt's main Leftist Party Al-Tagammu has said it will compete in the next People's Assembly (PA) elections in November. Al-Tagammu founding memeber and prominent columnist Fathia El-Assal said, “elections are the best opportunity for [political parties] to interact with the public … in a state where democracy is absent”.

Al-Tagammu said it will nominate 74 candidates, including nine women, to compete for the 508 seats of the Lower-House of the Parliament in most constituencies nationwide. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's main opposition group, has earlier announced it will participate in the upcoming elections, with the intention of exposing vote-rigging by the ruling regime in Egypt. The Al-Wafd party is also expected to take part in the elections.

Head of al-Tagammu Refaat El-Saeid said that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) must abide by the guarantees that the opposition parties had demanded to ensure the integrity of the elections.

El-Saeid further stressed that the the Supreme Press Council is to provide all candidates, whether NDP or opposition, with equal opportunities in the media to campaign.

Source: The Daily News Egypt

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