Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Explosion at Iran's Revolutionary Guard base kills 18

Eighteen people have been killed by an explosion at a base belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Another fourteen people were injured in the blast caused by a fire spreading to the munitions store at the Imam Ali base near the provincial capital Khorramabad.

Revolutionary Guard commander, Yadollah Bouali, said some of the casualties in the blast were workers at the base, but did not specify whether they included members of the Guards.

The Revolutionary Guards was set up shortly after the 1979 Iranian revolution to defend the country's Islamic system. It has since become a major military, political and economic force in Iran.

The Guards were involved in the government's crackdown on opposition protests that erupted after lasts year's disputed presidential election results which gave President Ahmadinejad a second term.

Source: BBC News

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