Monday, 11 October 2010

Protests in southern Yemen leave one dead and five injured

Clashes in Lahaj between Yemeni security forces and protesters from the separatist Southern Movement left one person dead and five seriously injured. Three soldiers were wounded as they tried to open a road in the Kersh district blocked by the protesters, who were demonstrating for the release of their imprisoned leaders.

One member of the Southern Movement was killed and two wounded in the exchange of fire. A spokesperson from Southern Movement, who wants increased autonomy from Yemen's south, confirmed the fatality.

Southern Movement members often stages protests in Yemen's south, where many complain about discrimination on the part of the government in the distribution of resources. South Yemen was independent since the British withdrawal in 1967 until 1990 when it united with the north. The south seceded in 1994, sparking a brief civil war that ended with the region overrun by northern troops.

Source: Middle East Online

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