Monday, 4 October 2010

Brazil's presidential elections will go to second round

The Brazilian presidential elections will go to second round as Dilma Rousseff has failed to get 50 per cent of the votes required to secure an outright victory. As it currently stands Rousseff has 47 per cent of the votes, while Jose Serra has secured 33 per cent. The two will contest a run-off vote in four weeks' time.

It is believed that a strong result by the Green Party candidate, Marina Silva, who polled 19 per cent, may have hindered Rousseff's chances for a first-round win. President Lula's former cabinet chief, is the favoured successor to the President, who has completed two terms and cannot run for a third.

"We are warriors, and we are accustomed to challenges... We do well in second rounds," Rousseff said in a speech in Brasilia after the result was announced.

Dilma Rousseff was the front runner for much of the campaign, helped by Lula's support and widespread popularity. However, analysts believe that recent allegations of corruption may hinder her chances in the runoff.

Source: BBC News

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