Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Two Libyan men on trial for spying in Germany

Two Libyan men, who can only be identified as Adel Ab and Adel Al, have gone on trial in Berlin accused of gathering information on Libyan opposition members living in Germany. The two men, aged 42 and 47, were arrested in the spring of this year.

A spokesperson for Berlin justice authorities Robert Baeuml said that the German government has charged the men with, "spying for the Libyan intelligence service between August 2007 and May 13, 2010, the day of their arrest here in Germany". He added that the spying was conducted, "on a personal level," and "there was no technical eavesdropping involved".

"There were attempts to contact opposition members through personal contacts and gaining their trust in order to gather information," he said. He added that the begging of the trial, "coincides with considerable attempts within the Libyan opposition in Germany to find out in Libya what the opposition is up to".

The trial is expected to conclude in mid October and if the accused are found guilty they are exected to face up to five years in prison.

Source: Aljazeera

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