Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Iraq: Hung parliament poses security threat

Iraq's Oil and Electricity Minister Hussein al-Shahristani has expressed concern that the country's political deadlock poses a security threat. The minister said that insurgents are exploiting the absence of a new government, and are killing hundreds of people each month.

Hussein al-Shahristani said that bombers have been able to exploit political differences to carry out all manner of criminal activity. Only days ago 12 people were killed in a daylight raid by suicide bombers on an army base in Baghdad.

"The security could have been handled more firmly. Now the terrorists are hoping that by having these political differences they can penetrate through the cracks in the political system," said the minister.

Iraqi voters went to cast their votes on 7th March, but returned a hung parliament. Six months on, there is still no government and politicians are no closer to reaching a decision.

Source: BBC News

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