Thursday, 30 September 2010

Saif Al-Islam Qadhafi accuses Libyan government of ineptitude

Saif Al-Islam Qadhafi has accused the Libyan government of ineptitude, highlighting ruptures within the country's ruling elite. Saif al-Islam is leader of a reformist group in Libya which is struggling to influence the old guard including higher-ranking figures within his father's own entourage.

Saif Al-Islam criticised the government after his visit to the Libyan pergola at the Word Expo in Shanghai. Saif Al-Islam oversaw the Libya's display himself, saying the government failed to take sufficient interest.

"The Libyan government did not even bother to send a junior employee to attend Libya's day at the exhibition. That shows that there is no state in Libya. It is me who arranged support for Libya's participation in the Shanghai exhibition because the Libyan state failed to give enough backing for the country's participation. Libya's participation in the Shanghai International Exhibition is the weakest and the worst participation," he said.

Saif al-Islam plays a crucial role in Libyan politics, and although he holds no official position, he was instrumental in negotiating the end of international sanctions on Libya after the country repudiated the banned weapons programmes, and since then he has been lobbying for the modernisation of Libya.

Source: Reuters

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