Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ghana needs national policy to protect resources

Chairman of the of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) Prof Albert Fiadjoe has said that Ghana needs a national polity to ensure transparency, equity and accountability in the management of the country's natural resources including oil and gas.

Speaking at a one-day consultation on oil and gas, as part of the Western Regional Hearing and Consultation of the CRC, Fiadjoe said that such a policy would ensure the country's resources are managed properly, and that the stakeholders were brainstorming to find the right constitutional framework for the policy.

Fiadjoe made it clear that Ghanaians and especially those living in the oil find communities must benefit from the resource, and further added that gaps in gaps in the oil and gas regulatory regime must be looked at seriously.

A number of participants at the consultation called for the establishment of a Coastal Commission and Petroleum Commission.

Source: GNA

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