Thursday, 9 September 2010

Niger State politician's son arrested in connection to double murder

The son of a prominent politician in Niger State has been arrested in connection with two murders, one of the victims suspected to have been a rival. Mohammed Inuwa was apprehended this morning [9th September] at his father's residence in Niger State capital, Minna.

After days of investigations by Nigeria Police, Inuwa was picked up along with his vehicle used to perpetrate the crime. The woman in the centre of the incident, Martha Godwin, arrested and detained last Friday [2nd September], identified Inuwa and the vehicle.

Niger's State Police Commissioner Michael Zuokumor who addressed the media on the issue on Friday, apologised to those wrongly apprehended in connection with the crime, saying the police was given wrong information that the perpetrator of the crime was an Igbo man.

“I think we have actually gotten the man that committed the offence though he has not accepted responsibility, he is still claiming some alibi,” he added.

Source: Nigerian Tribute

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