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Dana Gas: Favourable ruling in Iran and Crescent Petroleum Tribunal

Dana Gas: Favourable ruling in Iran and Crescent Petroleum Tribunal
UAE-based energy firm Dana Gas has released a statement that an international tribunal has issued a favourable ruling in the dispute over a natural gas supply contract between Iran and Dana’s largest private shareholder, Crescent Petroleum.

The tribunal ruled that a 25-year contract for National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) to supply gas to Crescent was valid and legally binding, and that NIOC had been obligated to deliver gas since December 2005, Dana said on 9 August.

NIOC and Crescent signed the 25-year contract in 2001, with the price tied to oil. Deliveries were delayed, however, as oil prices rose and some Iranian officials and politicians called for a revision to the gas pricing formula.

Crescent Petroleum initiated arbitration proceedings in July 2009; a three-person arbitration tribunal was formed under the terms of the 2001 contract.

According to Dana, NIOC first introduced gas into its transmission network and Dana’s UAE processing facilities for commissioning purposes in July 2010. The system had to be shut down again, however, when leaks were discovered in the transmission system.

Dana did not state when it expected gas supplies to start flowing again, but a source familiar with the matter said that supplies would not begin in the near term as subsidiary agreements needed to be reached and infrastructure work completed.

The contract provides for the UAE to import some 600 million cubic feet of Iranian gas per day, although the actual amount will depend on many factors and may only become clear in coming months. The UAE is eager to obtain additional natural gas supplies to support its rapid economic growth.

In the last few years, international financial sanctions imposed by the US and Europe over Tehran’s disputed nuclear programme have restricted trade between the UAE and Iran. Dana did not say whether the sanctions might complicate efforts to implement the gas supply contract.

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