Monday, 2 April 2012

Algeria: Over 25,000 candidates to contest the 10 May elections

While events in neighbouring Mali are dominating the local press, the Algerian election is now less than six weeks away and, although there is little genuine interest, getting a respectable turnout remains the governments' principal concern. According to data released by the Interior Ministry at the end of this week, which we have not been able to verify, around 25,800 candidates will contest the 462 parliamentary seats in the 10 May 10 legislative elections.

The ministry issued a statement saying that 2,053 lists of candidates had been received by 26 March which was the deadline for the submission of lists. According to the statement, 1,842 lists covered 44 political parties of which 21 were new parties approved and registered in January. The remaining 211 lists were for independent candidates.

A total of 7,646 of the 25,800 candidates are female which means that the female-male gender split of candidates is 30.18% and 69.82% respectively.

The lists will now be examined by those in charge of the election (i.e. the government) until 10 April. The rejected lists can appeal before the Administrative Court before 14 April with the election campaign officially beginning on April 15.

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