Thursday, 19 April 2012

Deadly blasts hit Iraq

A number of deadly bomb attacks have hit several Iraqi cities, reportedly killing 23 people and injuring many others. According to the police, explosions were reported in Baghdad, Baquba, Kirkuk, Samarra, Dibis and Taji.

It appears that the security forces appear to be the main target. Iraq has seen an overall decline in violence in recent years, but isolated bomb attacks remain prevalent. According to the BBC, a number of attacks have been co-ordinated. They reportedly occurred in the following cities:

In Baghdad, a succession of at least five bomb blasts hit in various Shi'a neighbourhoods
Two car bombs reportedly went off in Kirkuk, 290km north of Baghdad
A suicide bomber killed a police officer in Baquba
Two car bombs targeted security forces in Samarra
A parked car exploded killing passers-by in Dibis
A roadside device exploded in Taji.
The bomb blasts, which ensued over a period of an hour and a half, also appear to have targeted the convoy of Health Minister Majeed Hamad Amin. The official was not injured.

According to Baghdad's military command spokesman Col Dhia al-Wakeel the attacks bore all the hallmarks of al-Qa'ida. He said: "They want to send a message that they can target the stability that has been achieved recently...This will not discourage our security forces."

Sources: BBC News, Reuters, WSJ

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