Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ghana: Smaller political parties discredit both main parties

Ghana's smaller parties have also joined the debate, seizing upon the opportunity to discredit the two main parties. Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, whose Progressive People's Party (PPP) was formed in January after he broke away from the Convention People's Party (CPP), said that the “violence, anger and divisive behaviour exhibited by the NDC and the NPP over the past month” should encourage Ghanaians to look elsewhere for their leadership. “Many are afraid of what will happen in December if either one of the two parties somehow won the presidency. Ghanaians want to protect the peace and stability we have all sacrificed to establish,” he said in a statement. Nduom begins a nationwide tour of the ten regions this week to “assess the biometric voter registration exercise” and drum up support for the PPP.

Bright Akwetey, who recently began his campaign to become the presidential candidate of the CPP, which was created by independent Ghana's founding father, Kwame Nkrumah, said that corruption among the major political parties had been a deciding factor in the setback of the country's development.

Meanwhile, the NPP candidate, Ursula Owusu, has challenged the police to provide proof of their claim that she refused to co-operate with them. This followed a statement by the police's acting public relations officer, Sergeant Kwabena Danso, that Owusu has yet to respond to an invitation to help with investigations into her assault at Odododiodoo. For her part, she told Joy FM that the police are simply covering up their own inaction. “…I just want to assure them that I have no intentions of letting this case go,” she said.

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