Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ghana: GBA condemns “unsubstantiated allegations of corruption”

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has condemned “unsubstantiated allegations of corruption” levelled against the judiciary by a group of five lawyers at the organisation's 23rd June General Council. They are Chris Ackumey, Dr Raymond Atuguba, Abraham Amaliba, Larry Bimi and David Annan. It has asked the lawyers to substantiate their claims or issue an official apology.

These disputes follow growing concerns about the dysfunctional nature and corruption in Ghana's judicial system in the wake of the highly critical reports on its performance by the World Bank and the Open Society Initiative.

The statement also notes with concern the “open confession by a member of the Bar, Chris Ackumey, that he had engaged in the corruption of a Judge. In blatant violation of the laws of the land,” and proposes disciplinary proceedings against him. Ackumey claims that he offered a fellow lawyer money to bribe a judge trying the case of a client. Atuguba, Amaliba, Bimi and Annan have threatened to leave the GBA and former a splinter Bar Association.

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