Thursday, 21 July 2011

British national killed in Aden car bomb explosion

A car explosion in the city of Aden has killed a British national. According to witnesses, the man's car exploded when he got in and started the engine. Another man was wounded.

An unnamed Yemeni official said the bomb was hidden under the vehicle. He said Al-Qa'ida is suspected to be behind the attack, adding: "The way the attack took place only proves that Al-Qa'ida has been watching his moves days prior to the attack.”

Speaking about the explosion to AFP news agency, another witness, Abdullah Al-Sharafi, described the aftermath, saying: "I heard the explosion, I hurried there and I found the car in pieces."

The UK Foreign Office confirmed a British national had been killed and advised British citizens not to travel to Yemen, urging all those who are there to "maintain a heightened level of vigilance and keep a low profile at all times…We believe that terrorists continue to threaten further attacks including in Sana'a, Aden and other urban areas."

Sources: BBC News, AFP, CNN

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