Monday, 27 June 2011

Majles' industry concerns

Majles Energy Commission (MEC) members Moayyed Hosseini and Gholamali Meigline­jad, along with other parliamentarians, have recently made several complaints about the management of Iran's oil and gas industry.

Monitoring the funds of the Petroleum Ministry is impossible, they say, without proper legisla­tion and articles of association. These funds can therefore be misused to finance political campaigns. The Guardian Council should have more precise supervisory mechanisms to assess the financial sources of Majles candidates dur­ing campaigns.

The Majles is concerned about the instability and mismanagement of the Petroleum Ministry in the aftermath of having a caretaker appointed. The administration's unstable approach towards the oil industry and constant changes at the mana­gerial level are among the reasons for delays in South Pars projects. As a result of a lack of job security, managers are unable to set long-term plans for the oil and gas industry.

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