Monday, 6 June 2011

Brazil: Fissures in the ruling coalition

A watershed vote on the Forest Code on 25th May in the Chamber of Deputies revealed both the internal divisions of Workers' Party (PT) and the unity of Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB). The result frightened the Workers' Party, which now has grounds to fear a possible alliance of PMDB with PR and PP.

Together, they amount to 179 votes, more than enough to deter any PT aspirations to succeed Marco Maia (PT-RS) as president of the Cham­ber of Deputies. PMDB covets the job and will almost certainly get it. This election will take place in 2013, and will be strategic with a view to the presidential ballot in 2014.

PT has been counting on a coalition with PDT, PCdoB and PSB, but these parties have given indications of pursuing their own goals. It remains to be seen whether President Dilma Rousseff, with or without Lula's help, will be able to bring her contentious allies into line.

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