Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nigeria: Army given shoot-to-kill orders in the city of Jos

Nigerian Army has been given orders to shoot-to-kill in order to maintain peace and order in the city of Jos. Army officers patrolling the city received the orders following a killing of a Muslim electoral worker by a Christian mob.

A military spokesman Capt Charles Ekeocha told the BBC, "We are ordered to protect civilians and quell violence by any means necessary."

The killing on Monday 17th January highlighted the tensions between Nigeria's two dominant religious factions, as the country continues to struggle to register 70 million eligible voters before April's presidential election.

According to Ekeocha, the new orders permit soldiers to kill anyone trying to incite unrest, harm civilians or attempt to destroy a home, a church or a mosque in Jos and surrounding areas. The Army has been present in the city since the violence commenced last year, leaving more than 500 dead.

"The best option is to make sure you stop the person…Even if it means taking the person's life, it is OK," said Ekeocha. He also warned community leaders that the military would fire at anyone attempting to cause an uprising.

Sources: BBC News, AP, All Africa, Reuters

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