Monday, 24 January 2011

Libya: Islamist opposition accuses regime

The Islamist opposition has attacked the Libyan regime for its behaviour in the whole mass occupation affair. Much of this attack appears driven by a strong sense of disappointment, especially among those abroad, that Libya did not follow the Tunisian example and rise up en masse to overthrow the regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has generally refrained from openly criticising the regime since its members were released from prison in 2006, issued a condemnatory statement accus¬ing the regime of allowing people to break into the flats in order to divert attention away from the events in Tunisia.

The movement viewed the protest as a pre¬meditated attempt by the regime to ensure Libyans would focus all their attentions on the housing issue.

The statement declared, "We are surprised to see that the security services are not interven¬ing to protect these flats, especially those that are allocated already … This indicates clearly that instructions have been issued to these security agencies not to intervene and this raises in us the belief that there is a conspiracy aimed at triggering fitna." (chaos – a word that has specific religious connotations).

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which has also made its peace with the regime in recent years, issued a similar statement accusing the regime of creating "temporary chaos" in order to absorb public anger and divert attention. The statement, signed by the LIFG abroad, declared the regime was 'playing with fire' that might return to burn its fingers.

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