Friday, 21 January 2011

Iran: Mirkazemi before Majles

On 21st December, Iran's Petroleum Minister Masoud Mirkazemi was called to Majles to discuss his performance. Majles deputies were concerned with lack of progress on compressed natural gas projects, South Pars developments, petrochemical feed, the negative gas trade balance, gas production, gas exploration, and gas distribution to villages. While he managed to escape impeachment, some parliamentarians remained dissatisfied.

Here is a breakdown of Mirkazemi's comments during this session:

> Roughly 38 per cent of villagers in Iran have access to gas.

> Gas transmission has reached 836 cities and 2,445 villages in the country.

> The government is ahead of the national gas distribution schedule.

> The Petroleum Ministry signed all South Pars contracts in 2010.

Mirkazemi has to walk a fine line between increasing gas transmissions to Iran's rural population and increasing gas exports. This often leads to conflict with those Majles members who are trying to extend gas transmissions to their constituencies and want investments in their respective regions. Mirkazemi is often forced to defend his decisions for implementing various projects and why he chooses gas exports when many Iranians still do not have access to gas.

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