Thursday, 9 May 2013

Yemen: Protesters fold tents to mark end of the revolution

In a highly symbolic move, the protest camps that have been in Sana'a and some other cities since early 2011 have been dismantled – voluntarily – at least by the Organising Committee of the Youth Revolution. The group sees the restructuring of the armed forces, as completing the revolution's aim of ousting the previous regime. Energies should now be concentrated on building a new and united Yemen. However, it is clear that not all youth organisations supported the move, which has been inspired by elements associated with Islah, which from the beginning were accused by some young people as trying to hijack then revolution. The now active al-Huthi political groups have objected.
The normal wrangling of Yemeni politics continues. One recent example is the dispute between the General People's Congress and Joint Meeting Parties over membership of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption. In any event, few people have much confidence that this organisation will be any more effective than previous bodies.
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