Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Libya: Getting around the Political Exclusion Law

Those political figures and blocs who stand to lose the most from the political exclusion law have spent their time since its passing desperately seeking ways to water down the legislation. It emerged this week that some GNC members are currently pushing to modify the law in order that some political figures could be made exempt.
According to Congress member from Benghazi, Ahmed Langhi, there is an informal discussion within the GNC about the possibility of making exceptions for those who might have worked for the former regime at one time but who went on to oppose or boycott it. However, as NFA member, Ibrahim Al-Ghiriani, explained, this is an internal discussion between some Congress members and the proposal has not yet been put to the GNC in a serious way. Yet those who are pushing for these exemptions are clearly hoping to bring the matter to the table.
Other Congress members have been more dismissive of the discussions. Justice and Construction Party (JCP) member Mohamed Zarouq asserted this week, “Some forces are seeking to appeal against or modify the law. But talking about modifying it is the mere wish of some members and is not formal yet.” Thus it is clear that such suggestions will come up against resistance from key blocs within the Congress, especially the Islamists.
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