Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mauritania: UFP demands “consensus” on elections

A hint of the likelihood of elections being delayed until next year was given in April by Mohamed Ould Mouloud, president of the Union des Forces du Progrès (UFP or Union of the Forces of Progress), in a debate organised by the Maghrebian Studies Centre.

Ould Mouloud warned that if a political consensus was not reached, the elections would take place not merely in abnormal conditions in Mauritania but in the worst political crisis that the country has experienced since 2008. He gave a strong hint of why the elections are likely to be derailed and rolled up into next year when he said that the UFP would not participate in elections "without a political consensus and strong guarantees that the election would be transparent, with people being able to choose freely without political pressure”.

The UFP is a left-leaning party, describing itself as a multi-ethnic, Republican party oriented towards social justice. It has made strong statements against the persecution of dark-skinned Mauritanians, the continuation of slavery and unfair labour practices. The UFP has also strongly condemned the involvement of the Mauritanian army in politics.

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