Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Iraq: Gas field contracts move ahead

The start of the process of forming the next government hasn't stopped the oil ministry from continuing to act as if it has a full mandate to make decisions. In fact Nouri Al-Maliki and Hussain Al-Shahrastani are keener than ever to demonstrate that they are making a success of the energy portfolio, something that will assist them in their demand to retain the file.

This month the ministry announced that it had agreed to the draft contracts for the Mansuriya and Siba gas fields awarded in the third licensing round in October. However, the contract for the Akkas field has yet to be finalised. This is because of the trouble the contract is still provoking in Al-Anbar.

As Iraq Focus reported last month, locals took the streets in protest against the deal, claiming that it did not benefit the local area sufficiently. The protests were organised by the local Al-Anbar council which has sought to whip up popular feeling to make its point to Baghdad.

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