Thursday, 25 November 2010

Iran decreases energy reserves for power plants

Iranian oil and gas reserves designated for the use of power plants has hit about 87 per cent of the required figure, one per cent less than during the same period last year. The total number of black oil reserves has reach 76 per cent of the necessary figure. Black oil is used by 16 power plants within Iran for the purpose of electricity generation.

Iran's gas consumption over the summer months reach 210 million cubic metres per day, on average the consumption numbers over the winder period rests at 150 million cubic metres. Power consumption increases in summer due to high temperatures.

"We hope that the interaction of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company and the National Gas Company will fully provide Iran's power plants with the necessary amount of fuel during the cold period," said chief of Iranian Tavanir National Energy Company, Abdulrasul Pishakheng.

He added that providing Iran's power plants with the necessary numbers of fuel is crucial, as 94 per cent of the electricity in the country has been generated at thermal power plants so far this year.

Source: Trend News Agency

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