Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Iran inaugurates 500km pipeline for Turkmen imports

Iran has inaugurated a 500km pipeline to facilitate greater volume of imports from Turkmenistan. The pipeline will also allow a better distribution of gas to domestic consumers across the Islamic Republic.

The pipeline, built at a cost of $550 million, is in the second phase of development and is expected to raise the volume of gas imports from Turkmenistan from 25 million to 40 million cubic metres per day.

Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Javad Oji said that the pipeline will also deliver gas from Iran's South Pars field, in the gulf to northern provinces traditionally served by Turkmen gas, to the northern parts of the country.

Oji noted that northern Iran's reliance on imported gas will dwindle as the country becomes more self sufficient and reliant on domestic supplies. He also added that Iran will continue co-operation with Turkmenistan to raise Iran's share in the world gas trade.

Source: Reuters

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