Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Niger Delta leaders pose security threat to Ghana

The Nigerian High Commissioner in Ghana, H.E. Musiliu O. Obanikro, has described the leaders of the Niger Delta community as a serious security risk to both countries and prompted official law enforcement agencies to monitor the actions of the group more closely.

“Their movements and activities should interest our various security agencies before irreparable harm is done to the good relations between Nigeria and Ghana”, said Obanikro.

Addressing members of the press during a news conference in Accra, about the sudden influx of militants from the Niger Delta region, the High Commissioner described the leaders of the community as iniquitous and “unpatriotic Nigerians” residing in Ghana with no “identifiable means of livelihood”.

The Commissioner urged Ghanaian law enforcement to ensure the group does not engage in criminal activity or form gangs. And in talking about the recent arrival of 3, 000Niger Delta militants he added that, "Ghana should not be used as safe haven," any longer as the crisis period in Nigeria was now over.

The Commissioner also appealed to the media to be more judicious in their reportage and desist from publishing news items from “nonentities, noise makers, blackmailers and nonchalant [people] in the interest of national security and the greater need of the society”.

He incited Nigerians living in Ghana to be peaceable, law abiding, and safeguard the good name of Nigeria, and the cordial relations between the two countries.

Sources: Ghana Web

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