Thursday, 24 June 2010

BG Group confirms success of new well

BG Group has issued an official statement confirming the success of a new well, named Tupi Alto, on block BM-S-11 in the Santos Basin pre-salt, offshore Brazil. The Tupi Alto well is one of seven successful wells in the Tupi cluster and further confirms presence of light oil. The well, drilled by partners Petrobras, BG Group and Galp is located in the Tupi evaluation area, approximately 275 km from Rio de Janeiro.

The area has been tested by Wireline, who have verified presence of light oil at approximately 30° API and said that the reservoir properties were very good across the key Sag reservoir. The statistics collected from Tupi Alto and other wells; support the estimates which indicate potential to generate up to five to eight billion barrels of recoverable light oil and natural gas from the Tupi pre-salt reservoirs.

“The Tupi Alto well, in conjunction with the trend seen in previous Tupi appraisal wells, has confirmed excellent reservoir properties over a wide area in the Tupi field. Appraisal results continue to confirm the reservoir models in Tupi, Iracema and Guara by giving better definition in crestal areas and on the flanks of the fields. The results continue to de-risk the production outlook for these assets and allow us to optimise field development planning and capital efficiency,” said, BG Group chief executive, Frank Chapman.

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