Monday, 14 April 2014

Libya: Notorious Islamist militant is killed in Derna

Ali Bin Tahar, also known as Al-Faar, and was one of the most feared Islamist militants operating in Derna, was killed this week.  Tahar was shot, reportedly receiving seven bullets to the body. He was also reportedly attacked with knives in an assault carried out in front of his brother.

Tahar was a notorious figure in Derna. He had led armed attacks on a Derna polling station during the elections for the constitution committee. He was also one of the leaders of the new militant group that announced itself in Derna last week. As Libya Politics & Security – 07.04.14 reported, a group calling itself the Majlis Shura  Shabab Al-Islam fi Derna (the Shura Council of the Youth of Islam in  Derna) announced its existence by staging a military parade in the  town and posting footage of it on the internet. This parade comprised at least 26 military vehicles and more than 120 armed elements.

It is unknown who was behind Tahar’s death. Some have speculated that he was killed by some of his fellow militants as a result of differences over money. Others are claiming that his killing might have been an act of revenge for the many executions and assassinations he has been responsible for. Either way, Tahar’s death prompted jubilation among ordinary residents in Derna who could not believe that he had actually gone.

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