Monday, 8 April 2013

Yemen: Inspire analysed


Analysts have now had time to take a close look at the latest issue of Inspire (see Yemen Focus March 2013). Global intelligence company Stratfor got it right with this comment: “The new editor, who uses the nom de guerre Yahya Ibrahim, has worked with [Samir] Khan since the first edition of the magazine. He is a native English speaker who is familiar with Western culture and idioms. Ibrahim was clearly influenced by Khan and has attempted to continue Khan's work, but he lacks Khan's acerbic wit and irreverence. In Inspire 10, for example, Ibrahim attempts to replicate the insulting one-page 'advertisements' that Khan included in earlier editions of the magazine — one in particular racially derided US President Barack Obama — but they lack the bite of Khan.”
Inspire seems to be more serious and less edgy than when Khan was in charge – which may, it is to be hoped, dull its appeal among its target audience. New call for release of Yemenis in Guantanamo: There have been some renewed calls in Yemen for the release of some 90 or so Yemenis still at Guantanamo Bay. Their families lobby the Yemen government to intervene on their behalf and this gets a creation profile in the Yemeni media. President Abd Rubuh Hadi has just raised the issue with President Obama. Yemenis now make up nearly two thirds of the remaining prisoners at the facility.
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