Monday, 15 April 2013

Suriname: KPMG to set up social security system

The Surinamese government has brought in the Dutch consultancy bureau KPMG to develop a Surinamese social security system. Vice President Robert Ameerali has again promised in the National Assembly that he country will have a new social security system no later than 1 January 2014. Suriname Politics & Security has previously reported on the plans to set up a social security system.
Addressing parliament, Ameerali looked more deeply into the parameters of the system. New retirement provisions will be introduced (many pensions have not yet been adjusted to the price increases for decades); general health insurance; a minimum wage and labour legislation will also be incorporated into the new system.
The vice president says that the government and KPMG are already working on a draft of the system.
By mid-2013, the government wants to start introducing some elements of the system.
The opposition has tried to insinuate that the contract with KPMG for setting up the social security system was arranged by a so-called 'underhand agreement'. But Ameerali defended the granting of the contract to the Dutch firm by explaining that only two companies registered to participate in the public bidding. The government chose KPMG on quality terms.

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