Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nigeria: Cavendish joins Omega

Nigeria's Cavendish Petroleum has entered into a partnership with Omega Energy of Columbia for the execution of a well drilling work programme in Cavendish's oil mining lease (OML) 110 (formerly oil prospecting licence 453).

Sources reveal that the partners are seeking to contract China's Sinopec to undertake the engineering works for the 11-well drilling and workover programmes in OML 110's Obe field.

OML 110 has deep- and shallow-water fields, with a proven reserve of 500 million barrels and capacity to produce about 120,000 b/d from its OBE 4 and OBE 5 wells. Only the shallow waters have thus far been exploited. Obe field commenced production to FPSO Crystal Sea in December 1999. The prospects are indeed sanguine for the deep water they are now set to explore.

OML 110 was awarded to the prominent Mai Deribe family of Borno by military head of state General Sani Abacha in July 1996.

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