Thursday, 16 February 2012

Libya: New National General Congress

The Libyan Higher National Electoral Commission (LHNEC) was assembled from those representatives chosen by people in the regions in order to set in motion the machinery for the elections in June. The LHNEC was sworn in on 13 February, and the way is now open for the electoral laws passed by the NTC to be put into effect.

The constitutional changes awaited in Libya are scheduled to begin on 17 February when, for three days, there will be selection of committee members from the LHNEC who will review the proposed new constitution, determine the electoral rules and set the constituencies. It is expected that some 200 constituencies will be established on the basis of population size and surface area.

The designation of constituencies will cause some hard bargaining given the highly polarised imbalance between the thinly populated interior and the congested north.

Following that, the country goes forward to the June elections with the promise of a new democracy within a new constitution which will establish the newly elected National General Congress. At this stage, the National Transitional Council (NTC) and all other non-elected organisations will cease to exist.

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