Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Yemen: Outbreaks of violence in Taez leave seven dead

Yemeni army and anti-government groups and tribal fighters have once again clashed in the city of Taez. Medical officials have told the BBC that seven people had been killed in the latest fighting, bringing the death toll to 30 since Thursday 1st December.

Taez, Yemen's second city, has been a site of major unrest during months of ongoing protests against President Abdullah Saleh's rule. Experts fear that the latest outbreaks of violence might threaten the power-transfer agreement recently signed by the president.

The deal reached last month saw Saleh hand over power to Vice President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi in return for immunity from prosecution

The Yemeni government is reportedly deploying einforcements to Taez in order to reinstall order in the city.

Although Saleh is no longer officially in power, he has recently made several announcements that have made many question his motives.

Sources: BBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg

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