Wednesday, 7 December 2011

President Mills calls for UN to support peaceful elections in Ghana

Echoing calls in recent weeks for Ghana's elections to be free and fair, President John Atta Mills – speaking at its New York headquarters - asked the UN to provide its support in ensuring they are peaceful and unbiased. He said: “I will not allow Ghana to burn under my watch and want the UN to support me in my endeavour”.

Mills also emphasised that those seeking to “destroy our peace and stability” would be “dealt with decisively,” and that he was less focused on simply being president than being committed to improving Ghanaian living standards and ensuring “peace and harmony”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pledged support to Ghana's democracy and commended Mills for his role in supporting peace in Cote D'Ivoire.

Coincidentally, a representative of the United Nations Development Programme stated at an event in Accra - co-organised with the African Union, UNECA - that “Africans must begin to move away from the negative electoral tag of violence”, and “champion the good stories of Ghana and other African countries”. A local UN coordinator also highlighted the importance of examples like Ghana and Zambia for politicians and other participants in other African countries.

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