Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Several bomb explosions in Iraq leave 14 dead

According to Iraqi officials, three car bombs in Baghdad have killed at least 14 people. Two suicide bombers detonated explosive packed vehicles minutes apart in the northwestern Hurriya district and the central al-Wiya district.

The recent resurgence in bomb attacks in the capital is becoming a worrying trend, and seems to have come at the same time as the US prepares to withdraw its troops at the end of the year.

In one of the attacks a suicide bomber struck at al-Wiya police station, located at one of Baghdad's main intersections. Another drove his car into the police checkpoint in the Hurriya neighbourhood, a residential area surrounded by blast walls. It is estimated that 42 people were injured.

Just days ago a series of similar bomb explosions in Baghdad killed at least nine people and wounded 20 others. Iraqis are worried that the withdrawal will leave a security gap in the country making both civilians and officials more susceptible to attacks.

Sources: BBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg

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