Tuesday, 11 October 2011

At least nine dead in Baghdad bomb blasts

Iraqi officials say that a number of bomb explosions in Baghdad have killed at least nine people and wounded 20 others. It is thought that the thee blasts were intended for the security forces.

Attacks on the country's security personnel have become more frequent in recent months, as the US army prepares to withdraw by the end of 2011. Some are worried that the withdrawal will leave a security gap in the country making both civilians and officials more susceptible to attacks.

The first explosion was caused by a roadside bomb targeting an army patrol in a western area, quickly followed by a second bomb nearby. The third blast occurred as fire crews arrived on the scene following the first explosion.

US and Iraq are reportedly in talks over whether or not to retain a marginal military presence in the country until 2012.

In related news, six members of a land mine removal brigade died when a controlled detonation of old land mines went wrong. The incident took place near the city of Basra some 550km southeast of Baghdad, on Saturday 8th October. The mine erupted while the group was investigating the site, killing three Iraqi soldiers and three explosives experts.

Sources: BBC News, Voice of America, NPR, AP

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